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Are Pit Bulls Dangerous?

At Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein, LLP we love all animals, including pit bulls. However, these dogs have a reputation for being particularly violent, and many homeowners’ insurance policies will not cover injuries involving this breed. Below, we look at the evidence as to whether pit bulls are more dangerous than other dogs, and encourage readers to contact us if they have questions about pursuing a premises liability claim.

All Dogs Present Certain Dangers: However Statistics Show Pit Bulls are the Most Dangerous

Analyzing data behind dog bites is a helpful exercise for identifying dangerous dog breeds. And what we see is that pit bulls tend to bite and maim more people than other dogs.

  • A multi-year study in Harris County, Texas found that pit bulls accounted for 25% of all bites, the most of any breed. They also tend to bite multiple body parts more than other breeds, and the odds of suffering a “severe” injury from a pit bull was 213% higher than for other breeds.
  • Pit bulls cause about 80% of fatalities from dog bites – which is far out of proportion to the number of pit bulls in the United States. This means that pit bull mauling tends to be more severe.

Pit bull enthusiasts disparage these statistics. For example, they point out that the breed of dog involved in many attacks is actually unknown. They also point out that many dog bites don’t result in a report to the police, so we have no way of knowing what percentage of bites are caused by pit bulls.

Are Pit Bull Owners Less Responsible than Dog Owners of Other Breeds?

Are pit bulls inherently dangerous? There is evidence that supports the argument that pit bull owners are actually to blame when their dogs attack others. In other words, a pit bull that is raised properly should not be any more dangerous than another breed of dog.

One study found that pit bull owners are more likely to have a criminal record than owners of other breeds, which might be a sign of antisocial behavior. Many violent people are drawn to a breed with a reputation for violence and do not property train or restrain their dog.

Still, these arguments do not account for why pit bulls make up such a large percentage of human fatalities. These dogs are clearly stronger and better able to inflict grievous bodily harm than other dogs, so it is reasonable to consider them more dangerous.

We Help Victims of Dog Bites from Pit Bulls and Other Breeds

If you have been attacked by a pit bull or any other breed, please contact our Miami personal injury attorneys today. We will schedule a free consultation with you. Just call 305-371-2692.