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2022 DDRB Lawyers Legal Scholarship Winner Announcement

We’re pleased and excited to announce this year’s scholarship winner! Each year, Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein, LLP awards one incoming or continuing law student a scholarship to help with tuition costs. We look forward to receiving applications each year from students, who we believe represent the top of their class, and reading about their accomplishments.

After carefully reviewing each submission we have selected Christina Casseus as this year’s awardee! Congratulations Christina! Christina will be attending FAMU College of Law as a first-year law student.

Christina Casseus

FAMU College of Law

Christina Casseus

Watch our virtual meet and greet with Christina by clicking the play button below.

A huge congratulations to our 2022 Scholarship Winner by DDRB Lawyers

As a first-generation law student and the daughter of immigrants from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Christina was first introduced to law through the popular TV show “Judge Judy,” which inspired her to pursue law as she grew up.

“Although the things I experienced over time that solidified my passion for law were nothing like the cases Judge Judy would settle, it all resonated with the intent to pursue equality and justice for all,” she wrote.

Christina said she experienced life differently from her peers, recounting her parents’ sacrifice as they — like many of their friends and family in Haiti — traded higher education for survival, oftentimes accepting any opportunity that presented itself, such as agricultural labor.

While traveling with her family, Christina had the opportunity to meet and speak with people of various backgrounds. Travel also allowed her to see the inequalities and mistreatment of immigrants in the United States firsthand, including corporations hiring immigrants to work in inhumane environments and farmers providing immigrant workers with poorly maintained or overcrowded living conditions.

Christina wrote:

“As a child, this saddened me because my parents were a part of the mistreatment and were forced to ignore the injustice regardless of how bad the conditions were because we needed the income. These nonstop experiences of feeling silenced and neglected led to my passion for law. It birthed my determination to find a career that allowed me to stand and fight for people who are being mistreated and silenced, like my immigrant and agricultural working parents. Just because a person does not know their legal rights does not mean they don’t benefit from those rights.”

After graduating with her law degree, Christina aims to advise people of their legal rights and educate people across the country — from immigrant workers in agriculture fields to students in schools and community centers. She also wants to participate in pro-bono work for those with limited resources, adding that her “position as a lawyer means more to me than money.”

“With only 5% of lawyers being African American and 2% as women, I have a greater purpose: to help immigrants experience the freedom and equal opportunities this country offers,” she wrote.

Inspired by Oprah Winfrey — specifically her quote, “You don’t become what you want. You become what you believe”— Christina aspires to establish a youth center to “mentor, inspire, and provide scholarships” to aspiring lawyers in her hometown.

“Therefore, I want to reassure the children in my hometown that their environment does not dictate their future.”