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Commercial Disputes


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Miami Commercial Disputes Lawyers

Disputes are commonplace considering the array of business relationships, contracts, and transactions that drive your company’s operations. However, disputes do not always have to turn into costly, protracted litigation.

At Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein, LLP, our Miami commercial disputes lawyers are committed to helping you avoid the courtroom through resolution techniques that still prioritize your business interests. Please contact our firm at 305-371-2692 learn more about how our attorneys can assist with challenging disagreements that threaten your bottom line.

Offering Effective Options for Resolving Commercial Disputes

Though commercial disputes may be a part of doing business in Florida, you do have alternatives to litigation. Our team at Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein, LLP is dedicated to helping you explore your options and explaining different strategies for resolving differences. There are multiple advantages for addressing a disagreement out-of-court, even if you are forced to compromise on certain legal rights. Your company benefits by:

  • Avoiding the high costs of litigation;
  • Taking control over risk, as the results of litigation are never certain;
  • Moving forward quickly, instead of dragging things out through the courts; and
  • Keeping your business reputation intact.

The exact approach for resolving your commercial dispute depends on many factors, but some options include:

Contractual Remedies:

If your differences arise out of an agreement, there may be strategies to smooth over conflicts or return to the status quo that existed before the inception of the business relationship. Our attorneys have strong negotiations skills to help with:

  • Rescission: Both parties return any funds or items of value, and move forward as if the agreement never became effective;
  • Reformation: The parties elect to overlook a dispute and reform the agreement through new obligations; and,
  • Liquidated Damages: In a written contract, liquidated damages may be a remedy for one party’s breach.


As an alternative to litigation, you can go through mediation to resolve dispute. During the proceedings, all parties and their attorneys sit down with a third-party, neutral mediator to discuss their differences. The mediator is trained to help you work through disputes by encouraging productive discussions toward compromise.


This approach to commercial disputes involves presenting your side of the “case” to a panel of judges, who hears testimony and reviews evidence. The proceeding is similar to litigation in some ways, but the session is more relaxed and informal. There are a few special considerations to keep in mind with arbitration:

  • The potential effect of the panel’s final decision may be critical depending on the format. In binding arbitration, the finding is legally enforceable. For non-binding arbitration, you can reject the panel’s decision and still initiate litigation.
  • Arbitration may be your sole remedy for some commercial disputes. If the written agreement or relevant statute requires the parties to engage in arbitration, you cannot file a lawsuit until you complete the process.

It is the goal of our Miami commercial disputes lawyers to provide all the legal support you need to resolve outstanding issues through these strategies. However, we know that not all disagreements can be settled. Fortunately, our efforts are also valuable because they help set the right framework if litigation becomes inevitable.

Comprehensive Services in All Types of Commercial Disputes

Our Miami commercial disputes attorneys handle commercial disputes in many areas of business law, including:

Contractual Disagreements:

The most common form of commercial dispute is somewhat inevitable, since businesses are involved in contracts on a regular basis to support operations. We are adept at bringing parties back to the table to discuss reformation, rescission, or other options.

UCC Disputes:

Florida’s Uniform Commercial Code covers a wide range of commercial transactions, including the sale of goods, negotiable instruments, commercial paper, leases, and more. When disputes arise, there are often statutory requirements for resolving differences. Our attorneys are well-versed in the UCC rules regarding commercial disputes.

Internal Corporate Disputes:

Even inside your company’s four walls, disagreements are common. There may be disputes over the fiduciary duties of officers, executives, and members of the board of directors. Employment-related disputes can also arise over restrictive covenants, including confidentiality agreements, non-competition clauses, and contracts regarding intellectual property.

Schedule a Consultation with a Miami Commercial Dispute Attorney

If you are involved in a commercial dispute and want legal advice on non-litigation alternatives, it is worth your time and effort to explore all legal strategies for resolving your differences. However, you put your interests at risk if you try to take on these conflicts on your own. Please contact Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein, LLP at 305-371-2692 to speak with a Miami commercial disputes lawyer right away. Our firm can schedule a consultation to discuss your options, and we offer flexible fee arrangements for hourly or contingency billing.

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