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When a child is injured in an accident

When a child is injured in an accident caused by the negligence of another, he or she has the same right to compensation as an adult. However, a child will not understand the complex choices that he or she faces. While a parent can negotiate with the insurance company on the child’s behalf, the parent will need legal advice to make informed decisions.

Here are a few examples of the unique issues parents will face in personal injury cases involving children:

  • A child may have future medical needs resulting from the injury. It’s important not to accept a settlement from the responsible insurance company until you know what those future medical needs may be.
  • Your child may need counseling to overcome fears from the accident. Counseling expenses are compensable.
  • If your child’s injuries may leave visible scars from the injury, you need to set aside money now for future cosmetic surgery. Doctors typically do not perform cosmetic surgery until the child is fully grown.
  • Children can recover compensation for the same types of damages as adult, including pain and suffering. Florida has specific laws for recovering compensation recovered for a minor in a personal injury lawsuit.
  • Parents can seek compensation for their losses from their child’s injury, including medical expenses they pay.

The law firm of Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein, LLP in Miami offers a free initial consultation to answer your questions and explain your child’s rights if he or she has suffered a serious personal injury.