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What Damages Can a Burn Victim Claim?

Burns are devastating injuries that can leave a victim scarred for life. At our firm, we work with many burn injury victims to help them piece back together their lives and find the strength to carry forward.

Helpfully, the Florida legal system allows burn victims to receive compensation in the form of money damages when someone else’s negligence causes a burn. Below, we highlight the damages many of our clients can receive.

Medical Bills

Second- and third-degree burns can cost tens of thousands of dollars to treat. Not only does a victim need skin grafts, but he also might have a limb amputated and need to spend considerable time in the intensive care unit.

Once doctors are confident the victim can survive their burns, the patient undergoes additional surgery to loosen constricted skin. They might also need months of rehabilitation to regain movement. The emotional fallout from a burn is also considerable, and many burn victims need intensive behavioral therapy in addition to prescription drugs. A victim can often receive compensation for all this medical care.

Lost Wages

A minor burn might not keep anyone out of work. But serious burns will require that patients be away from work for weeks and months. Many of our clients also receive compensation for these lost wages.

If a burn injury is so severe that a worker cannot return to their old job, then they might also qualify for loss of earnings capacity.

Pain and Suffering

The physical and mental anguish that accompanies a burn injury are hard to calculate. Nevertheless, Florida law allows our clients to seek pain and suffering damages. This compensation can also cover the disfigurement that many clients experience.

How much a person can qualify for typically depends on the seriousness of the injury. A burn that disfigures the face or results in an amputation usually warrants more money in pain and suffering.

Punitive Damages

A victim might qualify for punitive damages if a defendant intentionally burned the victim or behaved recklessly. These damages are meant to punish the defendant for his reprehensible conduct. For example, someone who intentionally burns you or who acts with conscious disregard for your safety could have to pay punitive damages.

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Many of our clients are in financial stress after a burn injury. They are unprepared to shoulder the excessive medical costs to treat their burns and might feel additional distress because they cannot work.

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