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Ways to improve nightclub and bar security

Many bar and nightclub owners in Florida are so busy running their businesses that they may forget that it is their duty to protect their patrons from certain hazards and security issues. One major risk that many alcohol-serving establishments encounter is when inebriated customers start fights and brawls. Bar and nightclub owners who do not take reasonable actions prevent bar assaults could be held liable for any injuries that deaths that occur.

Take some time to learn about the common liability issues that nightclub and bar owners should focus on.

Serve alcohol responsibly

Bar owners are responsible for ensuring that their guests are not overserved alcohol or intoxicated. They should train their employees to recognize the signs of intoxication and instruct them to stop serving them. Employees should monitor drunk guests and offer them fatty foods to eat and encourage them to relax until their intoxication is gone. According to, bar and nightclub owners and their staff who fail to serve alcohol responsibly can be sued for negligence if any of their patrons get behind the wheel and drive.

Increase security

It is not uncommon for some patrons to carry weapons on their bodies when they go to clubs and bars. Property owners should consider incorporating metal detection equipment in their establishments and to have their security guards pat their patrons down before allowing them to enter their facilities to reduce the chances of altercations occurring, states They should also install security cameras on the inside and outside of their properties to help deter crime, assaults and other security issues that can negatively impact patron safety.

Assaults and bar fights are not always preventable in the nightclub industry. But business owners who take measures to protect their patrons from the dangers can reduce their liability risks.