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Ways property owners can keep their tenants safe

Many people who are unable to find vacancies in luxurious high-rise apartments in Florida often find themselves moving to apartment complexes that are undoubtedly more affordable. These apartments may offer the same amenities and living space. But there may be some security issues that can affect tenant safety.

Some apartments may be located in communities that have high crime rates. Criminals tend to target people who live in apartments. Apartment building owners should take steps to improve their properties’ security so they can avoid being held liable for any accidents and crimes that occur that result in tenant injury, states

Regular inspection of security equipment

Many apartment buildings have security cameras in place to help deter crime. Property owners should inspect their surveillance equipment periodically to ensure that it works properly. They should also update their security systems and review the footage frequently so they can report any unusual and suspicious activities and people to the authorities.

Routine inspections

Some apartment buildings have access control systems in place to restrict access to people who do not have proper keys, codes and access cards. Property owners should inspect their property regularly and look for signs of weak spots that criminals may exploit to gain entry and harm their tenants, states

Replace old locks with new locks

Many property owners are in the habit of replacing door locks when old tenants move out and new ones move in. Others rotate their locks instead. Many people do not return their keys when they move out. They may also lose them. These issues can increase the chances of old tenants and criminals trespassing into apartments, resulting in theft, assault and tenant injuries that property owners may be found responsible for. Property owners should completely replace all locks periodically, regardless of whether new tenants are moving in.

Property owners who keep their properties safe and secure for their tenants can improve their occupancy rates and reduce turnover and avoid liability issues.