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Study Shows 1 in 4 Drunk Drivers Headed to Hookup Location

By now, you’ve likely heard numerous statistics about drunk driving. You know that 0.08 percent is the legal limit. You know that drunk driving impairs judgment and reaction time and causes serious accidents.

What you might not know, however, is what people do after getting drunk at a bar or party. You would assume that people would want to get home and sleep off all the alcohol they just drank. And while you would be right for the most part—94 percent say they go home afterward—that is not the case for everyone.

Where Do People Go After Drinking?

What do people do after drinking alcohol? Thirty-nine percent say they go to friend’s house. A quarter of intoxicated people keep the party going by going somewhere else to drink. Seventeen percent go to a liquor store, presumably to keep drinking.

What may shock some people is that 26 percent—approximately 1 in 4 people—go somewhere to hook up. This may not be the first thing that everyone would think of when imagining places that someone would go after getting drunk. After all, alcohol can hamper sexual performance. But once you understand the factors involved, you’ll see why hookup locations are popular after getting drunk.

Alcohol use increases on the weekends. There’s no school or work for many people, so people take the opportunity to let loose and have fun. They attend parties or hang out in bars and clubs.

When they go to these parties, bars or clubs, they tend to meet people. In fact, many people do actually have hookups on the mind. They may not be in relationships and simply want to have fun with someone they are attracted to without any commitment.

To accomplish this, many adults use alcohol to loosen up and feel less inhibited. It can be nerve-wracking to talk to strangers, so alcohol helps in this regard.

If a person finds someone they want to hook up with, they most likely cannot engage in sexual activity at the place where they met, unless they want to risk getting caught or arrested. Therefore, they must drive to a different location to hook up. This may be either person’s home or perhaps a hotel. It could even be a remote area free of other people and distractions.

Unfortunately, those who choose to drive drunk to a hookup location are putting the lives of others at risk. This, in turn, may lead to a serious accident, causing catastrophic injuries or even fatalities.

Let Our Miami, Florida Personal Injury Attorneys Help You Today

A drunk driving accident can have serious consequences for all involved. Many people have confidence in their abilities to drive while intoxicated, but this overconfidence can lead to serious injuries and even death. Getting a ride is a much safer alternative.

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