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Holiday slip-and-fall hazards

The holiday season is here, bringing with it an increase in traffic and shoppers to establishments all over Florida. Holiday slip-and-falls are also at an all-time high, making personal safety a main concern. According to EHS Today, each year, 17,000 people die from slip-and-fall related accidents. This type of accident is the reason why one million people sustain injuries that often require emergency treatment. Anyone who plans to travel and visit different places throughout the season should take heed of the following hazardous conditions.

Poorly lit parking lots

This is an extremely busy season for many stores in the area. Customers are rushing to get into the parking lots so they can shop. In their haste, they may be inadvertently putting themselves at risk of injury from falls, assaults, and burglaries. These incidents are more likely to occur in dark, poorly lit and less occupied areas of parking lots that could lead to harm and even death. Taking the time to choose a space that is located to the entrance of the stores and in well-lit areas is important.

Slippery and unsafe surfaces

Cold weather and the holidays usually usher in the snow, rain and other wet and icy conditions. Shoppers should pay close attention to the surfaces they walk on. They should avoid icy sections and areas where there is snow accumulation to avoid accidental slip and falls that could lead to minor, severe and in some cases life-threatening injuries. Before going to any particular establishment, shoppers should also make sure the business owner keeps their sidewalks and parking lots salted so that icy pathways do not become an issue, states AccuWeather

With the right precautions, people can protect themselves during the holidays from these hazards so they can enjoy their experiences at the establishments they frequent.