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Florida Grandfather Dies in Dog Attack

Fatal dog attacks are real common—only a few dozen happen in a year in the United States. Nevertheless, these horrifying attacks regularly make the news. had a recent story about Donald Ray Allen Sr., a man who was killed by a pack of feral dogs in a rural part of our state.

According to the local Sheriff, Mr. Allen had left a friend’s house early in the morning on November 18 when a pack of dogs attacked him and overwhelmed him, leading to his death. Few details are available about his wounds, but we can imagine the worst.

The police placed traps for the dogs and used drones to try to find them, though they are still looking. Currently, police do not know the dog breed involved with the attack, though they have DNA samples.

Dogs on the Hunt

Dog attacks in rural areas usually involve packs of strays. When they are on the hunt, they can attack any human that they come across. Because so many dogs are involved, these attacks are often fatal.

Stray dogs can become hungry and, consequently, attack anything that they perceive could serve as a meal. An unarmed human is unable to fight back against so many dogs. In rural areas, there is also a lack of witnesses who can call the police or assist the victim.

Dog packs are not unheard of in cities, either, including Miami. People who are out early in the morning or late at night could encounter them as they wander the city streets. Some feral animals live in the city, while others can enter Miami from nearby areas.

Reverting to the Wild

These dogs that attacked Mr. Allen are believed to have become wild following Hurricane Allen. Many people who flee approaching storms do not take their dogs with them. Animals can also become separated by the storm. Surviving in the wild, they breed and raise feral pups that are not comfortable around humans.

The area where Mr. Allen was attacked was near a residence that had farm animals, so the dogs were already in mind for a meal. If you are visiting a more rural area in the state, we encourage you to be careful. Many feral dogs attack at night, when humans are moving about alone.

Protect Yourself & Others: Report Dangerous Dogs

We can all do our part to keep our neighbors safe by reporting any wild dogs to animal control. You should also report any dog attack that you or a loved one suffer. The authorities can investigate and decide whether to put the animal down.

If you were attacked, please contact our Miami dog bite lawyer today. Obtaining compensation is critical to making a full recovery, since many people struggle with high medical bills. Call 305-371-2692 to schedule a free consultation.