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Eye Injuries in Car Accidents

Blindness or impaired vision are frequently cited as injuries suffered in car accidents. The human head is very vulnerable in a crash, and striking your head on something can easily hurt the eyes. Although some damage is reversible, other victims will suffer permanent vision problems that dramatically reduce the quality of their lives.

That’s where we come in. As skilled Miami personal injury lawyers, we can fight to obtain necessary compensation for head injuries suffered in a crash. Reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation.

Common Eye Injuries in Car Accident Cases

People do not wear helmets while seated in a car, so their faces can easily suffer a traumatic impact. One relatively common accident involves striking the face on an airbag as it deploys. Though the bag is designed to save a person’s life, it can expel with such force as to cause a retinal detachment. The retina is a thin tissue that rests at the back of the eye and is critical to vision. Any detachment must be immediately addressed, otherwise a person could become blind.

Other serious eye injuries stem from an object penetrating the eye. A person can suffer damage to their cornea or iris, which can lead to vision impairment. Traumatic Hyphema might also result when blood floods the front chamber of the eye. These types of injuries must be immediately addressed.

Other injuries damage the eye socket. The eye socket is that part of the skull that encloses the eye like a bowl, offering a measure of protection. Any fracture to the bones in the socket, however, can lead to nerve damage and severe pain. A person’s vision can also be permanently altered. A motorist might fracture the socket when they hit the side of the car or even smack heads with another passenger.

Compensation for Eye Injuries

Our clients are eager to obtain compensation to pay for their medical treatment. Eye injuries can require emergency surgery, which is expensive. If their vision cannot be corrected, a person might need glasses to compensate for the rest of their lives.

Eye injuries can also keep a person from returning to work, especially if they are permanently blind. Other losses warranting compensation include the emotional distress caused by impaired vision and the inconvenience. Any pain or discomfort deserves compensation as well.

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