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Complications from Amputations

Having a limb amputated is an expensive, life-changing event. It is also one that is rife with complications that can last a lifetime. An amputation is rarely a “one time” event. Instead, victims can continue to suffer and require additional medical care to deal with the host of complications.

Surgical Site Infections

Surgery must be performed in a sterile environment, otherwise, the risk of catching an infection is very high. After some accidents, a victim might have a limb amputated at the scene of the crash to save their life. This happened with former Miami Dolphin’s player Kendrick Norton.

Even planned amputations in a hospital are risky because many healthcare-associated infections are resistant to common antibiotics. Some patients can die if they pick up an infection during surgery. Treating an infection can require a much longer stay in the hospital and can cause doctors to amputate more of a limb than they thought necessary.

Skin Flap Death

Inadequate circulation caused by sitting or lying too long can cause the skin flaps to die. This might require more surgeries to ultimately close the wound.


The muscles in the affected limb can shorten, typically due to extended bed rest. Contractures can cause pain and might require physical therapy so that a patient can use the limb again.

Complications with Prosthetics

Wearing a prosthesis has allowed many people to return to normal living. However, there are many problems that result from wearing a prosthesis long-term, including:

  • Skin breakdown
  • Redness or soreness
  • Blisters
  • Bruises

A person might need additional medical care to treat these complications. They also might have to stop wearing their prosthesis for a while to give their bodies a chance to heal.

Emotional Distress

Unsurprisingly, losing a limb leads to many negative psychological effects as well. Many accident victims will suffer from anger, grief, anxiety, depression, or embarrassment. Some will withdraw from daily activities, as well as from friends and family.

Changes in how a person’s limbs feel, as well as distortions in body image, contribute to the negative emotions. Many amputees need psychological counseling or prescription drugs to help them manage their emotional distress.

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