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Broken Nose Complications

A broken nose is not an unusual injury. Although few people will need surgery, many complications can arise from a nose fracture which can impact a person’s health and self-esteem. If you have fractured your nose in an accident, someone might be liable for your medical bills and other losses. Contact a Miami personal injury lawyer today for more information.

Common Accidents that Lead to Nasal Fractures

Most nasal fractures are caused by some force or trauma that dislocates the bone on the nose. In our experience, many people suffer a fracture due to:

  • Car accidents. A person can slam their face into an air bag or the dash. They might even crack their face on the side of the window or on another passenger’s head or shoulder. Often, this force is strong enough to dislocate the nasal bone.
  • Slip and falls. If a person falls face-forward, they might not have time to raise their arms to break their fall. Consequently, they can land on their face and smash their nose.
  • Assaults. A punch to the face often generates enough force to break a nose.
  • Sports. While playing a sport, a person might take an elbow to the nose, causing it to crack. Many contact sports can lead to nasal fractures, such as football, soccer, and wrestling.

There are many symptoms of a broken nose, but pain and bleeding are two big ones. Also check to see if your nose is crooked or at an angle.

Treatment & Complications

A doctor can set a broken nose using traction to put it back into place. If the fracture is severe, then a doctor could operate to insert a plate to keep the bone in place.

One complication involves impairment of your airway. A doctor might need to insert a tube to help you breathe. There are also risks involved with intubation, such as damage to your trachea or the risk of infection.

Another problem is malunion. This occurs when the nasal bone is not properly aligned, so it fuses at an angle. Although this might sound like a minor problem, it can carry serious emotional side effects. Many people will experience embarrassment and limit their socialization. Unfortunately, fixing a nose that does not heal correctly might not be covered under health insurance if the insurer believes it is only cosmetic.

Possible nerve damage is also a problem. Pieces of bone could impact nerves, damaging them. Without proper treatment, the nerve could die or be a source of chronic pain.

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