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6 Signs a Dog is Aggressive

Many people wrongly assume that all dogs love to be touched and fondled. The reality is that some dogs are aggressive. And although we read constantly about aggressive breeds, any breed of dog could be aggressive. Instead of speaking in generalities, people should observe a dog closely before bending down to pet it.

How To Know If A Dog is Aggressive

Below, our Miami dog bite lawyers highlight six signs a dog is aggressive and should be given plenty of space. If you are bitten by a dog, please reach out to us. We can fight for compensation on your behalf.

Jumping Up and Down

Many people interpret this behavior to mean the dog is excited to see them. If you are a stranger to the dog, however, then the opposite could be true. A dog that is acting very anxious probably is nervous, which means it could bite you if it feels threatened.


A barking dog is difficult to interpret. Some dogs bark for pleasure, whereas others do so because they are agitated. There is no confusion with growling, however. A growling dog feels threatened and is prepared to go on the attack. Steer clear of any dog that growls at you.


A lunging dog can cause just as much damage as a dog that bites. Children and frail adults can be knocked to the ground and suffer terrible injuries, including concussions and broken bones. If a dog lunges in your direction, stop and go in the other direction.

Clenched Teeth

A dog clenches its teeth in preparation for a fight. It is best to avoid a dog that is clenching its teeth, even if you think the dog is responding to another animal in the vicinity.


Some dogs will come up close and then freeze in place. This is actually not a good sign, and it does not signal that the dog wants to be petted. Instead, the dog could be sizing you up or making preparations for lunging at you. If a dog suddenly freezes, stop your approach.

A History of Attacks

If a dog attacks a person once, then there is a good chance it will do so again. A history of aggression is a good sign that you should not approach a dog. Instead, avoid eye contact and get away.

Were You Attacked by a Dog? Contact Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein

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