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Understanding Your Personal Injury Case

After an accident, it can be difficult to get straight answers to your questions. You cannot trust your insurance company to protect your interests. The best advice must come from someone whose interests align with yours and who has experience in Miami injury cases. At Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein, LLP, we want to help you get full compensation for the harm you’ve suffered. Please review the frequently asked questions below for more information, but don’t hesitate to call us for a FREE case evaluation at 305-371-2692 or contact us online to discuss your specific concerns.

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Do I Need A Lawyer?

If you’ve been seriously injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligent actions, you almost certainly need an attorney. There are exceptions, of course, and the circumstances surrounding your case will determine the final answer. Our firm offers a free initial consultation so victims of personal injuries can get the answer to this question without risking anything more than a little time to discuss the incident.

The severity of your injuries makes a difference, as does the insurance status of the parties involved in the accident. If you think you don’t need a lawyer because you can negotiate a fair settlement on your own, you should consider the problem from the point of view of the insurance company. It has no reason to bargain fairly with you. It has all the experience and resources on its side. Its adjusters know every trick to give you less than you deserve, and they are not afraid to use them.

How Much Is My Claim Worth?

There is no simple answer to this question. In the best-case scenario, you will be fully compensated for everything you’ve lost. That includes medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life and all other economic and noneconomic damages. While some of these figures are straightforward, others are not so easily quantifiable. It is vital to present compelling evidence of all the harm you’ve suffered to maximize the compensation you receive following a personal injury.

How Long Will It Take To Get Full Compensation?

This is another difficult question to answer. It is hard to remain patient while medical bills pile up and you are unable to work. The stress involved is often enough to push an injured person into accepting a settlement offer far below what is reasonable. If your insurance company or the insurance company of the negligent party offers a reasonable settlement, the matter can be concluded in a few months. If a reasonable offer is not forthcoming, it can take longer. At Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein, LLP, we focus on resolving each case properly in as little time as possible, but we do not recommend accepting less than you deserve to get a quick resolution. While the decision ultimately belongs to the client, an insufficient settlement can lead to disaster in the long run.

Can I Afford An Attorney?

After a personal injury, the thought of taking on an additional expense can be overwhelming. The financial pressure of an accident is tremendous. Fortunately, personal injury cases are handled on contingency. That means that your attorneys are paid a portion of what they obtain for you. The amount an attorney can take is limited by Florida law. On the plus side, contingency fees ensure that your attorney is motivated to get you all the compensation you deserve. Personal injury victims get the benefit of legal representation and insurance companies are not given free rein to trample the rights of innocent victims.

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“I have used Manuel Dobrinsky and he is more than excellent. Great communication. More than effective. It was a fantastic support for me having him during my process. Also I can say the best Lawyer I ever had.”

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“I was not able to get anyone on the west coast of Florida to look at my case. Manny Dobrinsky took my case and won a settlement for me. He was very thorough and worked hard for me. His assistant Dameris was always there to help me and answer my questions. I was very pleased with this group.”

Susan Curtis

“I endorse this lawyer's work. Manny is one of the brightest trial attorneys that I know. He is an incredibly hard worker and always strives to achieve the best results for his clients. He excels in the Courtroom as well. I would recommend him without reservation.”

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