What is Platooning? And Is it Safe for Truckers to Do That?

Truck platooning might be the wave of the future. But what is it, and should other motorists on the road be worried? In this post, we provide the basics.

Platooning Explained (It’s Not as Scary as You Think)

Many trucks currently drive in a convoy, lined up in a row. However, platooning takes this to the next level. The trucks drive very close to together—closer than normal. The truck at the front is the leader and the following trucks react to the leader’s change in movement and braking.

Each truck also uses certain wireless technology that links the trucks together and helps them move and brake as a unit. For example, when the lead truck brakes, the following trucks will brake automatically without any need for the driver to take action.

The claimed benefits of platooning include:

  • Reduced carbon dioxide emissions
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Improved braking with lower reaction times
  • Faster delivery of goods

Platooning has not yet been practiced on a large scale but could be coming soon to Europe as well as to the United States.


Despite being considered the new wave in trucking, platooning has some obvious risks. For one thing, the platoon will only drive as safely as the lead driver. If the lead driver takes unnecessary risks, then they are pulling multiple big rigs into a dangerous situation. The potential for loss of life is enormous if three or more tractor trailers were to crash into other motorists.

Also, some motorists might not understand that trucks are platooning and will try to jump in between the trucks. That is a recipe for a potentially tragic ending since the motor vehicle could suffer a catastrophic override.

Whether platooning arrives in Florida or not, all drivers should operate safely around big rigs. For example, you should always provide plenty of distance between you and the tractor-trailer and make sure you are visible to the driver at all times. If you need to pass, pass quickly, and make sure that you can see the truck driver in his mirror.

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