What are the Common Signs Associated with a Spinal Cord Injury?

Spinal cord injuries are some of the worst that we see here in our office. Often, victims are permanently impaired below the point of the injury, though some can make improvements with surgery or rehabilitation.

If you have suffered an accident, you might not know if your spinal cord was affected. Pay attention to the following symptoms of a spinal cord injury and go immediately to a doctor if you have concerns.

You Experience Intense Back Pain

In the immediate aftermath of an accident, you could feel intense pressure in your back, neck, or head. This pressure is a sign that you have suffered damage to your spinal column. Of course, back pain can have many causes, so don’t immediately assume you have injured your spinal cord. Nevertheless, have a doctor check you out. The sooner you receive treatment, the better your chances of halting any deterioration.

Your Movement is Impaired

Spinal cord injuries can cause complete paralysis, but they can also only partially impair movement. If you find it difficult to move your arms or legs, or if your balance and coordination are compromised, then you might have suffered some spinal cord damage.

Also pay attention to whether your movement is exaggerated or if you suffer from spasms. These are also warning signs of spinal injury.

Your Sense of Touch Has Changed

Spinal cord injuries can also alter your sense of touch so that you no longer feel cold or heat as you once did. If you notice changes in sensation, then you might have suffered a spinal cord injury.

You Have Lost Bowel or Bladder Control

Incontinence is another sign that you have suffered a spinal cord injury. The damage might be impairing your ability to control your sphincter muscle, so you end up soiling yourself and often need to wear a diaper. You might also urinate uncontrollably.

You Have Trouble Breathing

Problems with breathing are another sign that you might have damaged your spinal cord. If you suffered an injury high up on the spine, then your diaphragm and intercostal muscles could be affected. Stay alert to coughing or secretions in your lungs as well.

Legal Representation when You Need it Most

Spinal cord injuries are very expensive. Patients often need hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical care throughout their lifetime. If you suspect you have injured your spinal cord, go to a doctor immediately. Then contact an experienced personal injury lawyer in Miami.

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