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Top 10 Auto Accident Prevention Tips for Miami Residents

Each year, hundreds of people die in car accidents, and thousands more suffer serious injuries. To protect themselves and their families, all Miami residents should follow these common-sense tips so that they reach their destinations safely:

  • Steer with two hands. You never know when you will need to take quick defensive action that requires both hands. Try to avoid changing the radio station or eating while on the road. Instead, wait until you pull over.
  • Watch out for children. Because they do not fully understand risk, children can run out into the road in front of traffic. If you are driving in a neighborhood with children, go slowly.
  • Pull into traffic carefully. Always stop and look. Don’t just throw yourself into traffic, hoping that someone will make space for you. Remember to look both ways before pulling onto the road.
  • Give yourself sufficient room. You need a cushion between you and the car ahead of you in case they suddenly stop or slow down. Two or three seconds is usually sufficient, but you should increase the amount in bad weather.
  • Scan 10-12 seconds ahead. The sooner you can see a problem coming, the more time you have to react.
  • Look over your shoulder when backing up. You can’t rely solely on your rearview mirrors. Also look over your shoulders to see if any traffic or pedestrians are coming. If you don’t, you could be negligent and liable for any injuries you cause.
  • Show civility on the road. Road rage causes thousands of accidents each year, and you will only inflame tensions if you are rude. Avoid shouting or cursing at other drivers. Instead, show respect and always give other drivers the benefit of the doubt.
  • Perform regular car maintenance. Some accidents are not caused by negligent driving but by malfunctioning parts. For example, if your brakes fail, then a collision will almost inevitably result. Take your car into the mechanic shop for regular tune-ups and have any problems addressed immediately.
  • Exercise caution at intersections. Just because you have a green light does not mean that someone will not run a red. Enter the intersection carefully, looking to your left and right.
  • Pass big rigs with care. Large commercial trucks have a large blind spot where the driver cannot see you. A good rule of thumb is to assume that a driver cannot see you if you cannot see them. When passing, do so quickly.

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