Serious Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Riding a motorcycle might be a pleasurable hobby, but it is also dangerous. When motorcycles collide with larger passenger vehicles, the biker and his or her passengers usually bear the brunt of the collision. Motorcycle accident injuries are generally more serious than those sustained in other crashes, and innocent victims can spend months (or longer) rehabbing an injury. The consequences can be truly life changing.

Below, we highlight some of the serious injuries we have seen in motorcycle accidents. Contact us today to discuss bringing a possible claim for compensation.

Road Rash

This is a friction burn caused when exposed body parts slide along asphalt after a person has been thrown from a bike. Superficial road rash might only rub away the outer layer of the skin. However, a more serious road rash can tear away several layers and expose the underlying tissue.

To treat road rash, you must properly wash the wound so that it does not become infected. Some people also need skin grafts to help it heal. Road rash frequently leaves scars, which can cause intense embarrassment.

Broken Pelvis

This is another common injury in motorcycle accidents. A person’s pelvis can break when they are directly hit by a vehicle or after being thrown from the bike. A broken pelvis is very difficult to recover from as it will limit a person’s mobility. Complications can include nerve damage and internal organ injury.

Biker’s Arm

This term describes an injury where a biker braces for impact, either with a vehicle or with the road by wrapping an arm around their chest. They then suffer a direct blow to the arm which ends up damaging nerves. A person can experience weakness or loss of sensation in the hands and fingers even if they can continue to use the rest of the arm. Alternately, a person’s entire arm could be paralyzed, or they could lose the ability to use the upper arm and shoulder while retaining the use of their hands.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

A traumatic brain injury can occur if a person hits their head on something or a blow to the body causes the head to shake or snap back and forth. Motorcycle accidents can cause serious TBIs, especially if a biker or passenger is not wearing a helmet. With severe TBIs, a person can need extensive physical therapy to regain movement, and speech therapy to relearn how to talk. Other functions can be affected, including memory and behavior.

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