Summer is prime motorcycling season. Although cyclists can enjoy motorcycling year-round in Florida, summer is the ideal time to take advantage of long daylight hours and agreeable weather.

Most cyclists know that their sport doesn’t come without risks. Motorcycle accidents are a real threat to anyone who rides. But that doesn’t have to stop riders from enjoying their sport.

Here are some motorcycle safety tips to help you enjoy a safe cycling season:

  • Make yourself visible: Many motorcycle accidents occur when a vehicle doesn’t see a motorcycle. Although motorists should always be aware of their surroundings, motorcyclists should make every effort to make themselves visible. Staying out of blind spots, staying out of clusters of traffic, using headlights, and varying speed are all ways a motorcyclist can maintain visibility.
  • Scan your surroundings: Motorcyclists should always be aware of their surroundings. Riders should constantly scan their environment so they are aware of other vehicles and possible roadway obstructions.
  • Be ready to accelerate: Motorcycles are able to accelerate instantly. This can be a very effective way to get out of a dangerous situation fast – and may be more effective than braking in many situations.
  • Be extra cautious in intersections: Intersections can be especially dangerous for motorcycles. Riders should avoid speeding through intersections. When a light turns green, riders should avoid rapid acceleration, rather waiting to make sure there are no cars running red lights, etc. Defensive riding can go a long way in staying safe in intersections.

Keeping these tips in mind, you can enjoy a safe riding season – and beyond.

What do you do to stay safe while motorcycling?