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Motorcycle Accident – Broken Bones

Even relatively minor motorcycle accidents involve significant force, especially for the motorcyclist, who doesn’t benefit from the same kinds of protection as a motorist. Unfortunately, this means that riders are particularly prone to certain types of injuries, including broken bones. This type of injury requires medical attention, time to heal, and rehabilitation, all of which can be expensive, so if you were involved in a motorcycle accident and suffered a broken bone or other injury, you should consider reaching out to an experienced Miami motorcycle accident lawyer who can walk you through your legal options. 

Types of Broken Bones 

A number of breaks and fractures can occur in a motorcycle accident, but most fall under the following categories:

  • Closed, or simple fractures, in which the bone doesn’t break the skin;
  • Partial fractures, in which the bone doesn’t break completely;
  • Complete fractures, where the bone breaks into two pieces;
  • Comminuted fractures, which occur when the bone shatters into small pieces;
  • Open, or compound fractures, in which the broken piece of bone actually penetrates the skin, creating a wound; 
  • Stable fractures, which occur when the broken ends of the bone line up; and
  • Displaced fractures, in which there is a gap between the broken ends of the bone. 

The type of treatment that a motorcycle accident victim requires will largely depend on the type of break in question. A simple fracture, for instance, may only need rest and a brace, while a compound fracture will usually require surgical intervention and the placement of pins and rods in the broken bone to provide stability and promote healing. 

Commonly Broken Bones 

Which bones fracture during a motorcycle accident depends on the force of the impact and where that impact is located. Any of the bones in the human body can break in a motorcycle accident, but the most at risk include:

  • The tibia and fibula, with fractures in these areas accounting for nearly 95 percent of all motorcycle accident-related leg injuries;
  • The thighs and knees; 
  • The skull, with fractures potentially causing internal bleeding in the brain;
  • The vertebrae, which, when broken, can cause significant nerve damage and chronic pain;
  • The ribs, which, besides being painful when broken, can also pierce internal organs; and
  • The collarbone, which, when broken, can restrict movement and mobility. 

Breaking a bone can be dangerous, with accident victims at risk of potential complications, like infections, arthritis, compartment syndrome, nerve damage, and loss of mobility among others. Obtaining a speedy diagnosis and treatment can make all the difference in limiting the long-term repercussions of a broken bone. 

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