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Mother and daughter found dead in Florida apartment complex pool

Many apartment buildings in Florida have swimming pools that are offered to residents. Apartment building owners are responsible for making sure their pools and the areas immediately surrounding them are safe from preventable dangers and hazards that could affect resident safety. These safety measures may include properly trained staff to provide adequate supervision, lifeguards to prevent accidental drowning and up-to-date code regulations and structures.

Recently, two females were found floating face down in their Coral Springs apartment complex’s pool. The 32-year-old mother was not dressed to go swimming, but her five-year-old daughter had on a bathing suit. Law enforcement believe that their cause of death was drowning, although an official ruling is dependent on the medical examiner’s report.

By the time authorities were notified, the bodies had been in the water for over an hour. One of the men who spoke with the dispatcher was asked to remove them from the pool after he called emergency services. At the time of the report, the incident is still being investigated, but an official state that the two victims did go to the pool. This may indicate that homicide is not suspected at this point.

Swimming pool accidents are not always preventable. However, when there is insufficient supervision these incidents are more likely to occur. The effects of swimming pool accidents are not always minor and can have a profound impact on all who are involved. Many people who find themselves dealing with the aftermath of this type of situation may find it beneficial to consult with an attorney.

Source: WPLG,”Police identify mom, daughter in suspected pool drowning,” Andrea Torres, Nov. 07, 2016