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More Deadly Florida Train Collisions

Florida is one of the most dangerous states in the country for pedestrians. But we often think of the danger coming solely from motor vehicles that whizz by people traveling on foot. Instead, as recent media reports show, Florida’s pedestrians are at risk of death or serious injury from the trains that crisscross our state.

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Woman Trapped Under Train in Vero Beach

CBS 12 reports that a woman died after getting trapped under a Florida East Coast train on November 5, 2020. The woman was struck near the intersection of US 1 and 21 Street. Police who arrived at the scene found her dead, and she did not have any identification on her.

Tri-Rail Kills Another Pedestrian

A pedestrian died in late October in a collision with a Tri-Rail train at Northwest 17th Terrace and Oakland Park Boulevard. The train was carrying 50 passengers at the time of the accident. Police are investigating.

This is only the most recent death attributed to Tri-Rail. The rail line was also involved in another fatal accident in Oakland Park only a month prior, when a train collided with a man just north of Commercial Boulevard at night. No passengers were on the train at that time.

The fact that multiple fatal accidents occur in the same location is alarming. Of course, we do not know all the details of these accidents. Many of them might be the fault of the pedestrian, who could be committing suicide or intoxicated at the time of the collision.

Lakeland Woman Dies in a Crash

Train accidents are not confined to the Miami area. On November 9, a woman was killed in a collision with a train in Polk County. The deceased, Sandra Locke, allegedly drove around the crossing arms, which put her directly in line of the Amtrak train. The woman did not have her seatbelt on and died at the scene. None of the 94 passengers on the train were injured.

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