Left-Hand Turn Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists face many hazards on the road, and drivers making a left-hand turn in front of them is one of the most dangerous. The driver often plows into the motorcyclist as they are passing through the intersection. Just as bad, the car might pull directly in front of the rider before he or she can swerve out of the way or stop in time.

Left-hand turn accidents cause serious injuries, and victims should contact a Miami motorcycle accident lawyer to review their case for compensation.

Why Left-Hand Turn Accidents Happen

One common reason for these accidents is the fact that motorists are not looking for motorcycles on the road. As a result, motorists don’t see them and therefore do not give them enough room.

When motorcyclists approach an intersection, they might be behind vehicles, which partially conceal them. A driver waiting to make a left-hand turn might see the vehicle heading toward them but not the motorcycle right behind. As a result, they think nothing is behind the car and make a left-hand turn while operating under this false premise.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult for bikers to avoid these types of collisions. They happen so fast and there is not enough time to avoid striking the car making the turn. Probably the best thing a rider can do is to slow down as they approach an intersection. Create more separation between your bike and the car in front of you. This will possibly increase the chances that a motorist sees you before they turn.

Fault & Left-Hand Turn Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are analyzed according to fault. A good way to think of this is to ask the question, “Who is to blame for the collision?”

The driver’s insurer might claim that you were not paying attention or that you failed to slow down to avoid hitting the vehicle making a turn. Insurance companies like to avoid any fault so that they do not have to pay benefits.

At our firm, we can pull together a case that the driver was too hasty trying to make a left-hand turn without assuring himself that the way was clear. We can use your own testimony and that of other witnesses on the road. We can also look for surveillance or dash cam footage that might have captured the crash.

Contact a Miami Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer

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