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Join in Helping to Reduce Drunk Driving in Florida

Drunk driving is a serious problem in Florida. Between 2003 and 2012, 8,476 people in the state were killed in drunk driving accidents. Florida ranks above the national average in terms of deaths by age and gender. Nationwide, 1.9 percent of people report that they drive after drinking too much. In Florida, that rate is 2.1 percent.

Drunk driving has claimed thousands of innocent lives, and it’s time to take action. As an individual, you can do your part by not drinking and driving. The good news is that you can encourage others as well. You can keep your friends and family members off the road after they have been drinking. You can also report suspicious behavior so you can prevent accidents before they happen.

Reporting Incidents

It can be scary to see a driver acting recklessly, but by reporting it promptly., you can prevent others from getting hurt. Florida has a Star FHP program that allows motorists to report drunk driving, car crashes and other suspicious situations that they may encounter on the roadways. Just dial *347 and report the situation to the operator. It costs nothing and could save a life.

Use of Social Media

Some alcohol manufacturers use social media campaigns to encourage responsible alcohol consumption. For example, MillerCoors uses Facebook to encourage people to drink responsibly. The Bud Light Party Code offers tips in English and Spanish for responsible drinking.

You can use social media as well to encourage your friends. Post messages about partying responsibly. Let others know that you will act a designated driver and drive them home if needed. When people know that they have options, they are less likely to attempt to drive home drunk.

What Else Can You Do to Help?

There are many things you can do to keep intoxicated drivers off the roadways. First, be the designated driver. A good way is to pick up your friends in your car so that they don’t drive to the location and attempt to leave in their own car.

If your friends end up driving separately, talk with them beforehand and let them know the rule: they cannot drive after drinking. You will drive them home afterward and take them to get their cars in the morning.

If the party is at your house, allow guests to sleep over so they don’t feel obligated to go home afterward. If they insist on going home, you can also volunteer to pay for the ride home with a taxi, Uber or Lyft.

Injured by a Drunk Driver? Contact Our Team Today

Drunk driving is not only illegal but irresponsible. It can cause serious injuries and even death to innocent drivers. Reporting drunk driving and preventing others from driving when they have been drinking can help keep the roads safe.

Have you been injured by the negligence of a drunk driver? If so, the dedicated Miami personal injury lawyers at Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein, LLP can help you with your case and determine your rights to compensation. Contact us today at (786) 563-4739 to schedule your free consultation.