Hotels, robberies and guest assaults

When people make their reservations for hotel rooms in Florida, the last thing on their minds is safety. Hotels and motels are full of risks that can endanger guests. Even though they may have state-of-art security systems, well-trained security guards, and high safety ratings, issues can still suddenly pop up that can result in their guests being assaulted. Hotels have a duty of care to incorporate best practices to keep their premises safe and secure, states

Potential hotel guests should make themselves aware of the ways hotels can improve their security to keep them from becoming victims of robberies and criminal attacks.

Robberies and assaults 

Hotels provide around-the-clock access for their guests. This unfettered access makes it easier for criminals to prey on them. According to, because hotels, motels and similar establishments are less protected and easily accessible, more guests become victims of robberies that involve the use of firearms at night. These robberies do not always result in theft; they can also result in guests being assaulted, injured and killed by their assailants.

Prevention measures

Hotel robberies often increase when there is increased drug activity and decreased police activity in the area. Robberies and assaults can take place on the inside and outside of these establishments and in the areas immediately surrounding them. Hotel owners should take measures to ensure their facilities have proper lighting, security surveillance, attentive and responsible staff, security guards and processes in place to protect their guests. These security measures should also deter access to criminals. 

Hotel owners who continue to make daily efforts to improve the security and safety of their premises can increase guest safety and prevent criminal attacks from occurring on and around their properties.