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Early death tied to nursing home abuse and neglect

Nursing homes and assisted living centers can be great places for elderly people to live in when they are no longer capable of living alone, able to care for themselves or become ill. However, nursing home and assisted living residents are at risk for abuse and neglect, which can result in an untimely death. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities have a duty to provide their patients with the highest level of care possible to help them to retain their physical, mental and psychosocial well-being.

According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, senior citizens who live in nursing homes and are abused are 300 times more likely to die than elderly residents who have not been mistreated. This same study also reports that 95 percent of seniors living in nursing homes have either been victims of neglect or have seen their peers mistreated.

Statistic Brain Research Institute reports that over 2.1 million seniors are abused each year. Approximately 58.5 percent of those cases are neglect victims. They also state that 36 percent of nursing homes are in violation of elderly abuse laws, and that 91 percent of assisted living facilities do not have enough staff to accommodate their residents.

Nursing home neglect and abuse is preventable. Loved ones of seniors who live in nursing homes and assisted living facilities should pay close attention to their relatives for signs of neglect, distress and changes in health. When nursing homes are not adequately staffed, equipped and their workers lack proper training and credentials, nursing home abuse, neglect and wrongful death can occur.