Death or Disappearance Aboard a Cruise Ship

Cruise ship deaths are tragic but, unfortunately, not rare. The Independent reports on a recent wrongful death lawsuit involving Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. The lawsuit stems from the death of a toddler who fell from the window from the cruise liner’s eleventh floor.

According to the story, the company has defended itself by placing blame on the toddler’s grandfather, who allegedly held the child out of a window before losing his grip, which sent the child falling to her death. The cruise ship claims that surveillance video backs up its claim.

For its part, the family alleges that the cruise company nevertheless violated certain international and national codes with respect to its windows. The court will need to decide whether to dismiss the case or allow it to proceed.

This is only the latest wrongful death lawsuit involving a cruise ship. What should be a relaxing excursion often turns into a nightmare.

Has a Loved One Died or Gone Missing?

This might surprise the reader, but hundreds of people have gone missing from cruise ships over the past 20 years. According to one tabulation in 2017, about 200 people have disappeared from cruise ships since 2000. The number has probably climbed since then.

Some of the more suspicious disappearances include:

  • Merrian Carver. The single mother booked a room aboard a Celebrity Cruise but, according to records, did not use her room after the first night. She was finally reported as missing to the FBI weeks after the event.
  • Rebecca Coriam. This British woman was working as a nanny when she allegedly fell overboard after climbing over a security wall. Her family suspects foul play.
  • Amy Lynn Bradley.  The 23-year-old went missing from her Royal Caribbean International Cruise in 1998. Witnesses claim to have seen her in the years following her disappearance.

Filing a wrongful death case is often necessary to get secretive cruise ships to open their records and disclose important information to family members, such as the presence of security footage or other information. If we find out that the cruise ship is responsible for your loved one’s death, we can file a suit for compensation.

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