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Construction Site Accident on I-95 Kills Two

Construction sites contain many dangerous elements. Power tools, hand tools, machinery, heights and electricity can all cause serious accidents. Even falling structures can cause serious injury or even death to workers.

Sadly, that was what happened to two construction workers in Florida when a cement wall collapsed and fell on top of them. The fatal construction accident happened in the early morning on February 4 at a site along Interstate 95 in Miami. The site is located along the highway near Northwest 62nd Street.

The two men—ages 33 and 37—were working in a trench when the retaining wall fell. They were both immigrants from Honduras and worked for Archer Western Construction company.

Rescue crews had to use heavy equipment to move the wall and free the men. Both died at the accident scene. Investigators are still trying to determine what caused the wall to fall.

Understanding Construction Accidents

Construction accidents are common, accounting for 20 percent of all workplace fatalities. On average, two construction workers die every day from workplace injuries.

Most construction accidents are caused by four elements: falls, electrocutions, getting struck by an object and getting caught in between objects. Construction laborers and first-line supervisors are the most at risk.

Injuries and deaths are often caused by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) violations. Common violations involve fall protection, scaffolding, hazard communications, ladders, machinery and electrical issues.

Construction accidents often cause death. Those who survive often suffer serious injuries such as broken bones, disfigurement, amputations, scarring, blindness, deafness, spinal cord injuries, back and neck injuries,brain injuries and lifelong impairments.

Filing a Claim

When a worker is injured on the job, the claim is typically handled by the state’s workers’ compensation program. Workers’ compensation benefits are given to those who cannot work due to their injury. If you choose to receive these benefits, you give up your right to sue your employer.

When a person is killed in a workplace accident, the surviving family members may be able to file a wrongful death claim. This legal claim allows a person to recover compensation for medical bills, funeral expenses and even non-economic losses.

First, you must be able to prove that your loved one died a wrongful death. You must be able to prove that the employer or some other person was negligent, and that this negligence caused your loved one to die. In addition, the deceased person must have had close family members who have suffered losses due to the death. Spouses, children and parents can typically file a claim on behalf of their deceased family member.

Contact a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Miami, Florida

Construction is a dangerous industry, and while many safety measures are in place, fatal accidents can still occur. When employees are killed on construction sites, the employers can often be held liable.

If your loved one died in a construction accident, the Miami personal injury lawyers at Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein, LLP can help you recover the compensation you deserve for damages. Give us a call at (305) 371-2692 or visit us online to learn more.