It is dangerous walking in Miami. Pedestrians are totally exposed if they are struck by a car, and they can suffer some of the worst injuries that our lawyers see. If a vehicle struck you while you were walking, please contact Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein today. One of our Miami pedestrian accident lawyers will review what legal rights you have.

Abrasions and Scars

After being hit by a vehicle, a pedestrian can skid along the asphalt, damaging any exposed areas of skin. Some of the worst abrasion injuries are for “road rash,” which describes a condition where layers of skin are literally peeled off the body. Abrasions can lead to scarring and infection.

Brain Injuries

Unlike motorcyclists or bicyclists, pedestrians are not wearing helmets at the time they are hit. Consequently, they can slam their head on other vehicles, the curb, or other objects. Brain injuries are very common, and they can be devastating.

Some of the worst injuries cause bleeding in the brain, which increases pressure that must be relieved. Other people will suffer symptoms of a concussion, such as a loss of consciousness, difficulty talking and remembering impaired movement, and personality changes.

Brain injuries warrant immediate medical intervention. Pay attention to headaches or cloudiness that you feel after an accident and get to a hospital immediately.


Many pedestrians suffer broken arms, legs, hands, and feet. They can also fracture ribs whey they fall. Fractures are painful on their own, but they can raise a host of complications including pressure on nerves and damaged soft tissue, like muscle and ligaments. Some bones will slice through arteries and lead to uncontrolled internal bleeding.

The most obvious signs you have a broken bone are pain and any deformity of the affected limb. A doctor can order imaging tests to identify the full extent of the damage.

Internal Organ Damage

Pedestrians can suffer traumatic injuries to internal organs, such as their lungs and kidneys. Abdominal pain is a key sign that you might have hurt organs.

Spinal Cord Damage

The vertebrae surrounding the spinal cord can shatter or fracture, leading to pressure on the spinal cord and the nerves that branch off from it. Sometimes the traumatic impact from the vehicle itself is enough to cause damage, whereas other pedestrians are injured when they are flung against the curb or cars. Some pedestrians will never walk again after a collision.

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