Common Medical Malpractice Errors

Medical errors are an unfortunate fact of life in Miami. Doctors, nurses, technicians, and hospitals all have committed serious mistakes that end up injuring and sometimes outright killing patients. According to some studies, medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the country.

If you or a loved one feels worse after seeing a doctor, medical malpractice might be to blame. Below, we summarize some of the most common mistakes committed.

Diagnosis Errors

Before you can receive treatment for an illness or condition, a doctor first needs to identify it. Errors involving diagnosis are a source of medical malpractice. A doctor could:

  • Miss a diagnosis completely
  • Delay diagnosis, i.e., not diagnose a condition in time for treatment to be effective
  • Make a wrong diagnosis which results in ineffective or even dangerous treatment

For a doctor to be negligent, he or she must have had an accurate understanding of the symptoms. For example, you can’t lie to your doctor or withhold information and then blame him for failing to make a correct diagnosis.

Medication Errors

Receiving the wrong medicine can lead to injuries and death. A doctor might prescribe the wrong medication or the wrong amount. A nurse might dispense the wrong amount, especially in a nursing home where many elderly residents take 8-10 pills a day. When these medication errors lead to injuries, you can sue.

Surgical Errors

During surgery, a doctor might make critical errors that harm patients:

  • The doctor might work on the wrong side of the body. For example, if you needed surgery on your left leg, your doctor might perform surgery on the right.
  • The doctor might nick an artery or damage an organ through carelessness.
  • A surgeon might leave implements inside you after surgery, such as sponges.
  • A surgeon might fail to realize that you are bleeding an abnormal amount.

Doctors can also commit malpractice after surgery by not following up on possible complications. As an example, a patient’s blood pressure might crash after surgery, which can be a warning sign that a patient is bleeding internally.

Anesthesia Errors

Many anesthesia errors can occur, including giving too much or too little anesthesia, or failing to properly monitor the patient during surgery. Often, these errors stem from defective equipment or a failure on the part of the anesthesiologist to properly probe the patient’s medical history.

Birth Injuries

Both mother and newborn can suffer injuries during delivery. For example, babies can suffer a brain injury if oxygen or blood flow is disrupted. Mothers can suffer internal bleeding or stroke when blood pressure is not properly monitored.

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