Thousands of people travel to Florida every year to go on cruises so they can enjoy the sea and many fun activities. However, there are hazards on cruise ships that can affect tourist safety. Anyone who plans to take a cruise should make themselves aware of some of the common cruise hazardous situations that can occur so they can stay safe.


According to the, from 2009 to 2011, the number of recorded fires that occurred aboard cruise ships is 79. There are many factors that can cause cruise ship fires. These fires do not have to occur in passenger rooms to affect their safety. For example, fires that break out in a cruise ship’s engine and control room can cause damage to other areas of the vessel that directly impact passenger health.  The ability to properly sanitize food utensils and keep food from spoiling and power loss that can cause the ship’s plumbing and sanitation systems to shut down, resulting in exposure to toxic and unsanitary conditions two major problems that can happen.

Slips and falls

Slip-and-fall accidents are very common on cruise ships. The weather and sea are both factors that often result in wet and slippery floors. Cruise lines monitor for rough weather so they can take actions to minimize its impact on their ships and passengers. But it is not possible for them to predict the behavior of rogue waves, states Condé Nast Traveler. The rocky movement of cruise ships can also result in some guests falling and sustaining injuries. Common injuries that guests may experience from falls that occur onboard cruise ships include scrapes, cuts, bruises, broken bones, joint dislocations and open wounds.

Cruise ship accidents can happen at any time, but many are preventable. People who take the time to research their options can make informed decisions to minimize their risk of accidents and injuries.