Civil Remedies if You Are Injured by Protesters

Violent protests seem to be on the rise. As many people are gripped by anger over political issues, they are storming government buildings and private businesses to set fires and scare people. Fortunately, Florida law allows those assaulted or intimidated to bring lawsuits for compensation if they are harmed.

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Common Law Remedies

Under Florida’s common law, you might bring a claim for assault or battery if you were attacked or feared attack. Technically, a battery involves any unlawful touching that you did not consent to. So someone who pushes, shoves, or throws something and hits you has committed battery.

With assault, your assailant does not need to touch you. Instead, it is enough that you were threatened by word or action with violence, which caused you to fear that this violence was imminent. Someone who points a gun at you is committing an assault.

Our clients can receive compensatory and sometimes punitive damages. Compensatory damages cover medical care and lost wages, as well as pain and emotional distress. Many people who survive these attacks experience post-traumatic stress disorder, which makes getting on with life difficult.

Civil Remedy for Terrorism

Someone who attacks or occupies a building could also be committing terrorism under the law. Fla. Stat. § 772.13 provides a remedy for those who are the victim of terrorism. Victims can receive three times their actual damages, with a minimum of $1,000, along with reasonable attorneys’ fees. So, you suffered $10,000 in medical care and $5,000 in lost wages, you could receive $45,000 in compensatory damages.

Florida defines terrorism broadly to include many types of violent acts or dangerous activity. However, a person who participates in the terrorism cannot bring a lawsuit under the statute.

Let Our Miami Premises Liability Lawyers Help

Being caught up in a violent protest is a scary experience. Fortunately, you do have rights you can pursue against the person who attacked you or anyone who facilitated the attack. You might also bring a claim against the property owner where the attack took place for negligent security.

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