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    Motor Vehicle Accident

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Misdiagnosis of brain strokes has serious and sometimes fatal consequences. Sadly, misdiagnosis of brain strokes (also called cardiovascular accidents, or CVAs) is a common type of medical malpractice.

If a loved one has suffered a brain stroke or CVA, your family member deserves an evaluation of the circumstances of the stroke by an experienced medical malpractice attorney in Miami. Legal action can never fully compensate the victim, or their family, for the terrible consequences of an avoidable brain stroke. However, in appropriate cases, a misdiagnosis lawsuit can serve important purposes:

  • The lawsuit can provide the family with necessary financial resources to pay for the stroke victim’s continuing medical care.
  • The lawsuit may also publicize the event, which may help other misdiagnosis victims or even prevent future occurrences of stroke misdiagnosis.

Medical Malpractice In Florida

Our Miami lawyers offer aggressive and intelligent legal representation in medical malpractice lawsuits, including cases based on misdiagnosis of brain strokes or CVAs. We have the knowledge, skills and aggressive nature to fight successfully on behalf of our clients. We have obtained numerous seven-figure verdicts and settlements for Florida victims of medical malpractice.

Examples Of Negligence In Medical Response To Brain Strokes

Doctors sometimes mishandle brain strokes, also called ischemic strokes or CVAs, resulting in the legal claim of medical malpractice. The potential to mishandle a possible brain stroke exists at several stages:

  • The doctor or emergency room triage nurse fails to recognize clear symptoms of ischemic stroke
  • The doctor fails to order the proper diagnostic tests, including CT or MRI scan
  • The neurologist fails to order the proper neurologic workup
  • The doctor fails to timely administer the prescription medical tPA, which can break up the stroke-causing clot and prevent the stroke entirely

Free Case Evaluation

Medical malpractice cases are never straightforward, and doctors and hospitals defend strongly against claims of malpractice. If you suspect that a loved one’s brain stroke could have been prevented but for a doctor’s negligence, it is important to contact a medical malpractice attorney to begin an investigation.

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