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Ways property owners can keep their tenants safe

Many people who are unable to find vacancies in luxurious high-rise apartments in Florida often find themselves moving to apartment complexes that are undoubtedly more affordable. These apartments may offer the same amenities and living space. But there may be some security issues that can affect tenant safety.

Hotels, assaults and inadequate security

Florida is a popular destination for tourists all over the country. They make countless hotel reservations so they can relax and have fun, not realizing that their choice of accommodations may put them at a higher risk of assaults and criminal attacks. Most hotels and resorts have multiple security measures in place to ensure guest safety. However, despite their security systems, many people still become victims of hotel assaults. Guests should steer clear of hotels that have loitering people inside and outside of their properties, poor lighting, inattentive staff and little to no security surveillance cameras.

Who is responsible when there's a security breach at a resort?

If you have ever stayed at one of Florida's world-famous resorts, you know that they are almost like a world unto themselves. They purport to be able to handle all their guests' needs, and they have the diverse hospitality offerings that ensure guests will be able to do just that.

How can I protect my tenants against criminal activity?

Safety should be the main priority for both tenants and landlords in Florida. Even though you may not live on the premises, it is your duty to offer your tenants a reasonable amount of security against criminal activities like assault and break-ins. Not all criminal acts are preventable, but with the right precautions, many of them can be.

How can I protect myself at gas stations?

With reports of gas station crimes and fires in Florida on the rise, you may be wondering what you can do to protect yourself while you are at the pump. According to Credit Donkey, gas station fires cause injury to at least 50 people annually. For every 13 fuel stations, one facility ends up with a fire. Also, the number of robberies that occurred in gas stations back in 2012 was 7,100.

Holiday Shopping Safety

The holidays are here and many Florida residents are flocking to the malls and shopping centers in record numbers. Safety should always be a priority while shopping. In the rush to take advantage of this season’s sales, holiday shoppers should take extra precautions to keep themselves and those who are with them safe.

Violent attack leaves Florida college student severely injured

College safety is a growing concern among students and residents in Florida. Although there are security measures such as equipment and personnel in place to offer students some degree of protection, criminal assaults can and do still happen in many places near and around secondary education institutions, apartments and common access areas. Students may become the victims of violence such as physical attacks, sexual assaults and other events that lead to serious harm.

Campus safety and security

The lure of going to college in Florida is very tempting for many students. However, students should not overlook campus safety and security. According to U S News, security policies and protocols vary from one institution to the next. Current and potential students should assess their intended school’s safety measures to determine if their campus of choice offers the degree of security they expect.

What is negligent security and what can I do about it?

As a business owner in Florida, you may be asking yourself - what is negligent security and what can I do about it? Negligent security is when a property or business owner's actions unintentionally lead to the harm, injury or death of a victim. To prevent this from happening, it is your responsibility to take reasonable and foreseeable actions to protect your guests and everyone who is on your property.

My apartment was burglarized, can I sue my landlord?

After living in your apartment in Florida for a few years, you come home to find that your place has been broken into. If you are thinking about suing your landlord after your home has been burglarized, you may be shocked to learn that you may be able to do so if he or she failed to take certain measures to make your apartment secure, states website Landlordology.

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