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How can I protect myself in a hotel fire?

Now that vacation season is here, you may be planning to spend some time at one of Florida’s many hotels. Even though you have researched reviews and prices so you can find a place that meets your needs, you should not forget about fire safety. According to the National Fire Protection Association, each year, one percent of all structure fires occur in motels and hotels. When you take into consideration that 120 people suffer injuries and nine people die from these events, you may find yourself wondering if you know what to do in case a fire occurs in your hotel. 

Common causes of food poisoning

When people go to restaurants, hotels and places that serve food in Florida, many of them are not aware of the dangers they face when their food is not prepared properly. According to the Statistic Brain Institute, 325,000 victims are hospitalized each year because of foodborne illnesses. Thousands of other people suffer mild to no symptoms from eating contaminated food. Some people suffer severe reactions to foodborne pathogens, such as paralysis, respiratory distress and even death. 

How can I protect myself from injuries while on vacation?

Summer is on its way, and soon the roads will be filled with tons of tourists visiting from all over the country. No one ever expects to fall ill or become injured while they are relaxing and having fun on vacation, but vacation accidents are very common in Florida. Careful planning and research are necessary to ensure that you and your loved ones do not end up spending your time recovering instead of having fun.

Resorts and foodborne illnesses

Now that spring is in full swing; many tourists are flocking to Florida. One common concern that many tourists do not think about while they are vacationing is food poisoning. Most tourists spend their time visiting local attractions and restaurants to sample the food and amenities they offer. According to The Atlantic Media Company, each year, “food poisoning affects approximately 48 million people in the United States.”

What to do after a resort slip and fall accident

Slip and fall accidents account for over one million visits to the emergency room each year. The National Floor Safety Institute reports that about 5 percent of people who fall experience a fracture, which is generally the most serious consequence of a fall. Slip and fall accidents are quite common in resorts and hotels each year.

Common cruise ship accidents

Thousands of people travel to Florida every year to go on cruises so they can enjoy the sea and many fun activities. However, there are hazards on cruise ships that can affect tourist safety. Anyone who plans to take a cruise should make themselves aware of some of the common cruise hazardous situations that can occur so they can stay safe.

Here's what you need to know if you are injured on a cruise

Every year, thousands of people depart for their dream vacations on cruise ships around the country. Most of them have the experience they looked forward to, with perhaps a little seasickness or the occasional uninvited hangover, but every once in a while a more serious injury occurs. When that happens to you, it is important to understand your rights so that you know how to protect yourself, including how to receive the compensation you need to cover the cost of any lost wages or medical expenses related to your injury.

Winter break resort safety

With winter break on the horizon for families in Florida, many parents are planning to spend some time at the local resorts and hotels. The increased crowds can pose a security issue for many establishments that are not used to catering to large groups of patrons at once. Parents should screen their choice of hotels carefully to ensure their safety. According to, to maximize guest safety, property owners should assess their security processes, equipment and operations so they can make immediate improvements as needed.

Accident at Key West resort leaves tourist paralyzed

Hotels and resorts in Florida have a duty to protect their guests from foreseeable harm and dangerous conditions. However, even when appropriate measures are taken, resort accidents can still happen. Property owners can also be held liable for any incidents that occur on their property, especially those that stem from hazards that they should have known about.

Accidents Involving Hotel Guests Are Generally Covered

All property owners have a duty of care to the visitors they invite onto their property. When it comes to businesses, like hotels, offering public accommodation there are additional rules and expectations about discrimination and access that private residences do not share. If a hotel fails to provide adequate security or maintains their premises in an unsafe condition, many people are placed in danger. The scope of the problem means that the vast majority of hotels in Florida purchase insurance to pay for injury claims filed by guests. 

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