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June 2016 Archives

I fell in my apartment building – can I sue my landlord?

Accidents are quite common occurrences in apartment buildings in Florida. If you are wondering if you can sue your landlord after falling in your apartment building, you may be surprised to learn that there are certain hazards and dangerous conditions that your landlord can be held responsible for if he or she did not take certain action to correct them, states website Landlordology.

How can I protect my business against premises liability claims?

As a business owner in Miami-Dade, you are well aware that accidents can happen at any time on your property. Now that you are concerned about business liability, you are may be wondering - what can I do to protect my business against premises liability claims in the future?

Slip and falls - how can I protect my tenants?

You own an apartment complex in Miami-Dade and you have been diligent in making all repairs and handling tenant concerns in a timely manner. Unfortunately, one of your tenants slipped and fell in a common hallway and now you find yourself wondering – how can I protect my tenants from slip-and-fall accidents on my property?

The hidden dangers of public pools

As summer approaches, more and more people find refuge from the heat in public swimming pools. However, both public and private pools come with risks - especially to children. Drowning is the leading cause of death among young kids, and Florida has the highest rate in the nation of drowning deaths among children ages 1 to 4.

Clear links between long hours and mistakes in the medical profession

Medical malpractice is an ever-looming threat for doctors, nurses and other health care professionals. Hospitals and insurers invest millions of dollars into strategies for minimizing mistakes. Yet for many practitioners, the greatest risk of error comes from the nature of shift work.

Hands-free phones and driving are a deadly combination

Everybody has a cellphone these days. If you're like most people, you may occasionally (or even frequently) find yourself talking on the phone behind the wheel. Bluetooth technology makes it easier than ever to talk hands-free, which most people assume is much safer than holding a phone up to your ear while driving.

Homeowners can be held liable under social host laws

When it comes to a fatality, not every death can be considered a wrongful death. When we talk about wrongful death, there are certain and specific elements that need to be proven in order to label a death as wrongful. Simply put, the death has to be the result of another individual’s negligence or misconduct.

When An Accident Is Not An Accident

For many, the word "accident" implies a random or chance occurrence. Accidents, to many people, are the result of bad luck or fate. That connotation has led the head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to recommend a change in the way we talk about traffic collisions. In making that recommendation, he joins a group of safety experts who believe the term "accident" is hurting efforts to improve auto safety by obscuring the fact that bad decisions by irresponsible drivers cause most crashes.

I was injured in a bar fight - what can I do?

You were sitting at a bar in Miami Dade, quietly drinking and minding your own business. All of a sudden out of nowhere, another patron throws a punch at you and a bar fight quickly ensues. Now that the fight is over and you are sitting in the emergency room with a few head lacerations, you may have one major question on your mind - how am I going to pay for this emergency room bill if I do not know who the people are that injured me?

Florida Nightclub Attacks and Injuries

The way fights in bars and clubs are depicted in movies would lead you to believe that everyone involved is a willing, even eager participant. In truth, most bar fights involve unwanted and unlooked for aggression from a single party. One study found that bar fights were twice as likely to be caused by one aggressor as they were to involve aggressors on both sides. In other words, most bar fights have an attacker and one or more innocent victims.

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