Your Legal Rights After A Dog Bite Or Animal Attack In Miami

Florida dog owners are responsible for injuries caused by their pet. Similarly, keepers of wild animals are responsible if their animal attacks another person. The only difference between the laws that apply to pets and those that apply to wild animals is that wild animal owners are responsible regardless of whether the victim provoked the animal into attacking. Dog owners, on the other hand, may be able to successfully defend against a legal claim if evidence shows that the dog bite victim provoked the dog. This defense only applies with regard to adult dog bite victims.

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Serious Injuries That Often Affect Children

Dog bites can result in serious injury, often to the hands or face of the victim. Dog bites can result in major pain and multiple surgeries may be necessary to prevent or minimize scarring. Children, due to their small size, are more likely to be victims of animal attacks than adults.

Compensation for dog bite cases usually comes from the owner's homeowners insurance policy. Representation by an experienced personal injury lawyer may greatly improve your chances of receiving a settlement that fairly reimburses you for the damages you have suffered, including past and future medical needs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Our lawyers understand how insurance companies value cases and can help maximize the compensation your receive.

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