Holding Doctors Responsible For Errors

If physicians are competent, careful, and make use of available technology to prevent mishaps, there is no excuse for them to err in prescribing medications for their patients, particularly when lives hang in the balance.

Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum, LLP of Miami works to hold doctors accountable for prescription mistakes and other medical errors that lead to serious injury or death. Our experienced personal injury trial lawyers have had notable success in securing damages on behalf of victims and their families. We pursue rightful compensation for clients throughout South and Central Florida. Call 786-401-4708 or 800-610-9491 for a free case evaluation.

Getting The Right Drug To The Right Patient

Physicians must be familiar with hundreds of pharmaceuticals with similar-sounding names. They may write dozens of prescriptions every day, with limited time to study patients' drug histories. But because of the potential for catastrophic harm, they still owe a duty to their patients to be accurate and confident in every scrip they write.

Our attorneys have the knowledge and access to medical experts to trace liability back to the responsible doctor for:

  • Prescribing the wrong drug, leading to adverse drug reactions
  • Illegible handwriting or ambiguous abbreviations causing a nurse or pharmacist to give the wrong drug
  • Failing to check for dangerous contraindications with other drugs the patient is already taking
  • Failing to ask about or account for known drug allergies
  • Recommending off-label (unapproved) use of medications
  • Dosage errors
  • Failure to adjust medication

In addition to prescription mistakes, our lawyers handle cases of surgical errors, misdiagnosis and other types of negligence that results in harm to patients.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in medical malpractice cases, enabling us to plan strategies for negotiations or trial to secure the maximum compensation for our clients.

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