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Question: Who pays an injury claim, my insurance company, or the company of the person who caused my accident?

Answer: The answer to this can be surprisingly complicated. In an ideal setting, the negligent party, be it a doctor, driver, business or property owner, would have the necessary insurance coverage to pay you the full compensation you deserve. In reality, insurance companies fight over responsibility for many claims. They are often willing to engage in questionable practices to avoid paying the full amount, or even a portion of it. Holding the insurance companies to their contractual obligations is one reason why it is a good idea to hire an attorney if you have been seriously injured.

Question: Is the offer I received from the insurance company fair?

Answer: Maybe, but probably not. Insurance companies handle countless claims every day. They know, roughly, what they will have to pay an unrepresented person with your injuries. They know, roughly, what they will have to pay if you have an experienced attorney. They will try to settle your claim at a figure below, sometimes far below, what you are entitled to collect. An initial offer from an insurance company is only rarely fair in situations where the injuries are serious.

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